Scheduled botflows does not start, manual start works, RPA Central 2.0 & Bot v17

  • 20 January 2021
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We have recently upgraded to RPA Central 2.0.1 and our bots to v.17.0.1. However, we can't get the scheduling of the botflows to work.


For test we have three botflows. One is running every whole hour, the second running 30 min after the first botflow and the third botflow two times a day (8:15 am, 5:15 pm). These botflows are assigned to a bot on a second machine. See attachment.

After the upgrade, botflows one and two was running as scheduled, but only did respectively 2 times, then they did not start again. However, you could manually start the botflows on the assigned bot through RPA Central and they will run without any issues and finish. Hence, there should not be any connectivity problems between RPAC and the bot.


For reference, we are running Enterprise-license.







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I ran into the same thing and have a ticket open with dev.  In the mean time, I created a bat file to bounce the services about 15 minutes prior to the scheduled botflows.

taskkill /IM RPACentral.ServiceHost.exe /f

taskkill /IM RPAStarter.exe /f

net stop BotService

net stop Nintex RPACentral



net start BotService

net start NintexRPACentral


Hope this helps!!

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Thanks for sharing and we are closely monitoring this behavior.  For a few customers, an RPA Central service restart has resolved the issue and for others the following steps has also addressed the issue.  If you are still experiencing this issue after an RPA Central service restart, please reach out to me so that we can coordinate in capturing specific event logs to troubleshoot.  Our goal is to troubleshoot the issue and fix, so that you would not have to use a batch file to bounce the service prior to the scheduled time.




Thanks Devin! It works.

Glad I could help!!  @Sasan  might have some other troubleshooting steps to pull log files/etc.....which I'm attempting to gather for him, but so far my scheduler hasn't blown up again.  I'm also not discontinuing the service restarts, but instead created a one off botflow that runs without those services getting bounced.  Anyway, if you're up for troubleshooting, you might hit him up on here.

Just so it's documented in the forum space - I have found in the RPA Central logs where the FoxCentral.Web.BackgroundServices.JobInstantiatorService is throwing an error about 3 hours after restarting the services.


"Hosted service to schedule jobs encountered a failure with calls to check license and is about to stop running: Cannot access a disposed object.  Object name: 'SecureString'.


This information has been shared with @Sasan.

Issue has been fixed in RPA Central 2.0.2 and RPA 17.0.3!!!