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  • 10 November 2022
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Hi All,

I have a site that was recently migrated to 365 from On Premise. For the on premise site, I was able to create a webpart on a list page that was linked to the workflow start page of a site workflow so that users could start a specific site workflow daily. 


I cannot seem to find this feature on 365. I have seen some input to a similar question which included the use of SharePoint Designer, I do not have SharePoint Designer. 


Is there any way to provide a direct link to one workflow only for users to be able to start it? I do not want people to be able to go to the site workflow page and start from there. 


Please advise. 


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4 replies

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Check out these links on the Nintex Community to see if they can point you in the right direction.


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Thanks, I viewed these posts before posting mine. They're not exactly helpful. 😞 

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I was able to put together something that might work for what you're trying to accomplish. Below are the steps.


  1. Created a list on the site.

    1. Added a Choice list column named "SiteWorkflowStart" with choices of No and Yes (No is default).

  2. Created a Classic form on the list.

    1. Added and configured a Button control.

      1. General > Button action = Save

      2. General > Button label = Start Site Workflow

      3. Advanced > Connect to = SiteWorkflowStart

      4. Advanced > Value returned = Yes

      5. Advanced > Data type returned = String

    2. Published form.

  3. Configured a list workflow.

    1. Settings > Start when items are created > SiteWorkflowStart equals Value Yes

      1. Can also configure this to run on item modified.

    2. Added and configured a Start Workflow action.

      1. Destination site URL = Your site address

      2. Connection = Your connection (create if needed)

      3. Workflow type = Site workflow

      4. Workflow name = name of your site workflow

      5. Workflow start successful = Yes/no variable (can be used to verify site workflow started)

    3. Published list workflow.

  4. Added the "Nintex List Forms Online" web part to a web part page and configured the web part to show the form in new mode.

    1. Configure the "Nintex List Forms Online" web part (Configuring the Nintex List Forms Online Web Part - Nintex Community).

      1. ListForms Settings > Form Mode = New

      2. ListForms Settings > List Name/ID = Your list name for the form

      3. Redirect URL = Add where you want the redirect to go after saving the form.

      4. Site URL = Site address where the list form is located.

    2. Publish the page.

  5. You can go to the web part page, fill out the form, and press the "Start Site Workflow" button. This submits the form and triggers the list workflow, which will then start the site workflow.

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This worked perfectly. Thank you!!!