Get account name in domainusername format in Nintex Workflow for O365

  • 29 May 2020
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Hi, we recently migrated from SP13 to SharePoint online. On SharePoint 13, we have a request form where user submit request to access to an application and that application accepts login name in domainloginname format.

SharePoint 13/Nintex for SP13 easily provides the user account in "domainloginname" format. After migrating to SharePoint Online, User Profile stores the account name in email format but not in domainloginname format. I can ask user to provide their account name in "domainloginname" format in the request or I can use Flow to get the "Nickname" property, wondering if there is a way with Nintex for Office 365? I also tried querying user profile using REST API, but no luck as it always stores in email format.



1 reply

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You have change of plateforme (SharePoint 2013 => SharePoint Online), and change your active directory (AD onPremise => Azure AD).

This kind of logon (Domainlogin) doen't exist in O365. That why you can't retrive you DomainLogin


The only whay to achive this is : To Add a custom attribut on your Azure AD to store the Domainlogin of your user in this custom attribut, and configure a new user properties in your user profile service. After that you will be able to make a query on the user profile to get your custom attribut (and so retrive your domainlogin).