RestClientLibN (Endpoint Assembly) On K2 Five

  • 30 October 2023
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i have a rest service configured through service instance using endpoint assembly to k2 smarobject which it has been working fine as along i could remeber but recently when i try to consume endpoint url on the rest service smartobject it showing the error message, “The page you requested has been blocked by a firewall policy restriction”, full error message is attached.

Note. proxy has been disable again enable to see if it might be the cause and same error is occur.

i have run the same endpiont url on a third party app (postman) which give me the output i need.

I need help to bypass the error, thanks in advance.

3 replies

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You might need to enable CORS from the endpoint?

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Hi Rusty02,


CORS is enable on the chrome browser though, how do i do that? or probably just engage the endpoint guy to enable the CORS.



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I would check with the endpoint guy to make sure.