Setting web service xml to readable format

  • 2 January 2023
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I work with K2 BlackPearl BPM tool. Currently at a Client site, and I need to consume web services to create my SmartObjects.

The web service that am calling has XML as its input and output.

So, what I need is a way of making the XML become readable for me to use.

Summary: I want a way to consume the XML by converting it to a table format at my end, and also a way to converting my table format output to XML to send back to the web service.

1 reply

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You can define an xml field on your process and give it a schema that matches the expected result. If your SmartObject returns this XML as a string, you map the return value into your XML field and it will be useable in your workflow as the XML schema you provided when the field was created.

This is kind of vague, I can help further if this doesn’t point you in the right direction