Prevent user from amending entry in Autocomplete?

  • 27 February 2018
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I have an autocomplete which is connected to an AD Group to populate it with User Names, the chosen User is then emailed (via a AD User getuserdetails method on the chosen autocomplete user)


When a person starts typing, the matching users appear and the user is able to select one (in the autocomplete)

However, once selected, the user can easily delete a few characters from the selection, which would mean a non-genuine user is selected and messes up my workflow, i.e. no genuine destination to send the email to.


Any way round this?


I know the autocomplete has to be editable (i.e. the user may want to select someone else, but how can i ensure it is a genuine selection only from the autocomplete?




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I believe what you are looking for is strict validation as per: