Date/ Time difference in K2 workflow

  • 29 December 2017
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I would like to find the "seconds" difference between 2 DateTime values. I am able to do it in the smartform using the "Date/Time Difference" operator. But when i try to do the same in Workflow in K2 studio, i dont find this operators options. Is something am i missing here?





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It appears that the same "Date/ Time difference" inline function just does not exist in K2 Studio/Visual Studio as it does in the K2 Designer, and the documentation does reflect this difference (although I dont have the reason for this): Difference Difference


Some things that can be done:


1.  Perhaps log a request/idea for this to be evaluated and included:


2.  Writing your own custom inline function:


3.  Or perhaps use the "Day Difference" inline function that is available in K2 Studio and converting it to seconds:

(Day Difference) * 24hrs * 60min * 60secs