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Updating a multi-line text field with variables wi...

Hi, I have a multi-line text column in my SharePoint online list that I want to update with workflow type information at each of the workflow ...

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I have a field on a responsive form that I want to...

Hi, I have created a responsive form that has a field that I want to display only if a specific value has been selected from the picklist of ...

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Linking to the Nintex New Form

Hi, I have created a responsive Nintex Form and now would like to link to this from a page in SharePoint. I tried copying the link from when ...

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Nintex Responsive Form

Hi, When I add a new item to my list via a Nintex Form or when I go to configure my responsive form, instead of seeing 'Working On It' like I ...

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Can I share a Nintex form that I have created with...

I want to create a Nintex Form inside our O365 Sharepoint site that collects Supplier information from sources external to our tenant. Is this po...

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