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How to Get First 15 letters from a sentence

For example if i have a company name: Aeronautical Machine Transportation and Repair Company PVT. LTD. From above example i would like to get on...

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I am trying to write to SQL table. I have a table "bJCJM" where I have columns Job (job number) and JCCo (company number). I want to validate a e...

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Remove Nintex Running Task and Workflows for delet...

I have deleted (even from recycle bin) the list or items, which had approval tasks. Now those task are either hanging on Nintex mobile, or is sho...

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Nintex Form Attachment Path

Attachment Form Controls are empty. Usually when you drag and drop the attachment control from form controls to the form while creating a form th...

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Is there anyway we can create a expandable and col...

something like this:

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Send grouped notification based on list items

Hi, Often here on the forum someone asks how to send a notification based on a list/library grouping items instead of sending one email for ea...

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Regular expression validation for a multiline text...

Validation using a regular expression seems to only be available for a single line textbox control. Does anyone know a way to add a regular expre...

  • By yvette
  • January 27, 2017  07:26
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I have a From on a list and several of the columns...

I have a form on a list where several of the columns need to be changed. Once I change them how do I easily update the form to match the new colu...

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How do you send one email for multiple list items

I saw the below post which comes close to what I want to achieve. However, I want to send the entire Query List (10 columns) out as an email. I...

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Resetting Repeating Sections

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to reset a Nintex Forms Repeating Section? I'm sure you've tried to reset different ...

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