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Update one XML item in a Repeating Section issues

Hello, I am trying to use an Update XML action to modify one specific item in a repeating section. The XML is stored in Multi-line plain text fi...

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Strip email address from people picker field

I thought I saw the answer to this question, but after a long time searching, I was not able to find it. In a workflow, I'd like to strip/extract t...

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Error while trying to Update XML

Hello, In my workflow, I am trying to update XML of a repeating section on my form. I am using Nintex O365. The data is saved in a Multi-Line Pl...

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Need help on how to design a Form/Workflow to add/...

Hello, I have a scenario that I am not sure how to handle. I am using Nintex 365 New Responsive forms/workflow to replace a legacy form. I ...

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Update Repeating Section XML

Can anyone explain how to update the XML in a repeating section? This existing post does nothing to describe it in detail. My form/workflow ...

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