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Lookup Control for Azure AD in NWC form

I'm using using a lookup control to get user emails from Azure AD. Since we have more than 999, I am trying to add a condition with the "contains" op...

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Docusign Signature Fields

Is there a way to pre-define (or tag) a docusign signature field when using the 'get signature' action?Creating a workflow in which an online form us...

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How can I store files with same names?

Hi Team, I set two steps to generate files from merchant. On Start Event Form, I put a "file upload" option. Then I used "create a folder"...

  • By Molly97
  • April 26, 2021  00:01
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People Picker Name to string

Hi, I have a form that uses people picker. I need to copy the people picker name and change it into a string so I can store the persons name as a s...

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Allow Height of Signature Control to be Adjusted

The signature control is very tall and takes up a huge amount of real estate, very different from other controls. It should be possible to adjust its...

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