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Nintex 2016 Responsive Forms - Design inheritance ...

I am using Nintex for SharePoint 2016 in order to create a set of forms all based on a 'master form' that carries standard look and feel and a number...

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How can I stop the repeating section border obscur...

I want users to be able to select a list of people to whom emails will be sent; the list will be arbitarily long. I expected to just put a peopl...

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Unable to add hyperlink to Rich Text control on Fo...

I'm trying to insert a link into a Rich Text control on a Nintex Form. The button that should allow me to insert a link (shown below) is non-function...

  • By rota88
  • August 27, 2019  15:03
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Inserting the Edit Item URL in Workflow Notificati...

Problem Often I have workflows with approval (assign flexi task) actions in that usually run the same generic course: On approve, change statu...

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