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Calculated value is not executed?.

Hello, This is a form where Calculated value or JavaScript is not executed when you create a new item. For instance, the Calculated Value: To...

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Cannot use Nintex Forms for content type - Is ther...

Hello, As per the subject I can see that Nintex Forms for Office365 does not allow the use of Content Types in a list. So we can only customi...

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Nested State Machine Issues

I'm currently working on a workflow project for our HR department's position search process. This process involves checking for current employees wh...

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Switch action is not taking more than 16 branches

Hi Team, I am stuck in switch action in workflow. I have total 17 switch values. i added 16 succesfully but when i add the 17th case last one i...

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Nintex Form - Upload File in Rich Text Box?

Hi all, I would like add a rich text box inside the Nintex Form, but how to allow user to upload and attach a file in the content of the rich t...

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  • November 03, 2019  18:29
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