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Keep disabled values in List Lookup in Edit mode

We have Nintex Forms for O365, and we use a List Lookup against a Sharepoint list for our Offices. The Office list is fairly dynamic, with offic...

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Linking to the Nintex New Form

Hi, I have created a responsive Nintex Form and now would like to link to this from a page in SharePoint. I tried copying the link from when ...

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There are unresolved entries error.

Hello, I have built a Form for a team at my company and was ready to turn it over to them when in testing they found they could not save ch...

  • By tosmith
  • January 26, 2017  12:17
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Javascript to set value in lookup list control

I have a lookup-list control on my form tied to a single line text field in SharePoint. In my javascript code, I get customer data from a databas...

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Nintex Smart phone layout showing huge whitespace ...

I have created a nintex form on o365 list. When i create a smart phone layout for form and preview this in nintex designer, it renders correctly....

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  • January 04, 2016  02:16
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How to set a person or group field to empty in Nin...

Hi, I cant get this to work properly. I have a person or group field on a list and at the end of the workflow, I want to clear the field. I'm ...

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Nintex online - how to copy a list item to another...

Hi, I am wondering how I can copy the current created item in list A to list B? I am using Nintex O365 and I would like list A to be the paren...

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  • October 06, 2015  14:23
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Workflow Started by Start Workflow Action executes...

I have a workflow with a state machine governing an approval process. As it was becoming too large I split it out into separate workflows and cal...

  • By barryc
  • June 24, 2015  04:37
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Using DocuSign Connector actions with multiple sig...

I am using the DocuSign (DS) populate template action, retrieve envelope status and download document actions. The WF is working great. Beg...

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