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Error "Error in task. Cannot a corresponding human workflow task id for this task."

When running an approval workflow the following error is shown in the workflow history page when the workflow gets to the Flex-task action:

Error in task. Cannot a corresponding human workflow task id for this task.
Create new task list for workflows to use.
  1. Edit the workflow.
  2. While in workflow designer, click on workflow settings.
  3. In the Task list field, select the option "Create new" to create a workflow task list.
  4. Publish the workflow.
This error occurs when Workflow task list is corrupted and workflow tasks cannot be added to task list.

The error "Cannot find a corresponding human workflow task ID for this task" may also occur when clicking a link in a workflow email notification. When an attempt is made to view the task, the page queries the Nintex Workflow database for the record linked to the task item. When a record is not found, this error message is displayed. For more information, see Workflow performance improvement and load reduction.

There are a couple of reasons why the data can be missing from the Nintex Workflow database:
  • Data has been manually purged from the database during a maintenance operation.
  • Database or SharePoint migration has resulted in the site collection accessing the wrong database, or a site collection ID has changed so it does not match the recorded data.
  • A workflow has restarted after timing out while trying to commit at run time.
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