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Workflow that waits for different parts of a form to be completed

I'm working on a workflow and nintex form that I'll do my best to describe.

The Nintex Form is separated into sections. 

The initiator fills out section 1, once submitted kicks off the workflow which passes it on to 4 people for approval. 

Once approved the second section becomes enabled. This sections is basically a check list with each line item having a different person responsible for signing off. I need my workflow to do nothing here. The possible outcomes at this point are that everyone signs off, clicks save, and the workflow continues to the next section with similar logic OR there is an issue on the check list, the reason is filled out rejection button selected which would notify the Initiator of the issue at which point it would start that checklist section over. 


I'm thinking about keeping this button driven within the form as it seems to be the most straight forward way with continuous edits. Is this wrong?

How can I pause a workflow and wait for a button click or should the button fire a new workflow all together?

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Workflow that waits for different parts of a form to be completed

Hi Kevin, 

Is there a reason that you would like to keep all information, including the sign-off on the initial form? The description sounds like you can use Nintex Task forms that can collect the appropriate checklist data, and if everyone agrees, continue on to the next steps. The Assign a Task action has a couple of outcome settings you can edit to work the way you want. You can then use the workflow to update the initial list with a status or the checklist values. 

When using the Assign a Task action, the workflow will pause for all approvers to provide feedback. For more information on the Assign a Task action, please watch the following video: How To: Nintex Workflow for SharePoint - Assign a Task

Thank you,


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