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Nintex Newbie

Web Request Control Error

I am having trouble trying to use the web request control on my form to call an internal soap web serverice using a post request.  Right now I am using a 2010 Trial Version but purchasing 2016 on-prem in a few days.

Steps Taken:

  1. I put the XML in the request body field on the settings information screen
  2. hit Run Now, and the service fails with an HTTP 500.
  3.   While still on the test page I paste the same XML into request body field and run the test again.  This time the service succeeds. What is causing this quirky behavior. I noticed that when I go from the
    control settings page to the test page the formatting in the request body is not the same as when I first pasted it.  The text in the field looks like there may have been escape chacters that were stripped out.  
  4. I tried pasting the soap body information into notepad first in an attempt to elimnate any hidden characters however, I received the same results. 

Is it a problem with the trial version or has this been seen before?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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