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How to build Nintex live actions for the catalog

I'm looking to use Nintex live actions in place of Zapier. We need to be able to connect up between apps like Trello and Yammer. I notice there are no Trello actions in the catalog. Is there a guide for how to create your own custom actions? How does one go about this?

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Re: How to build Nintex live actions for the catalog

Thanks for posting to community Ren.


We have Nintex Live actions for Yammer (see this page, but none for Trello sorry.


We are releasing new Actions all the time, based on community requests - e.g. DocuSign (for eSignatures), Salesforce and Dynamics (CRM).


There is suggestion for Trello in the backlog (I use it myself for my home projects, I developed an educational app for iOS/Android using it ), but I don't think it will get off the ground any time soon.


Your next option would be to use our Call Web Service action, to talk directly to the Trello API. If you have on-premise SharePoint (2007/2010/2013), you could try writing your own custom actions with out SDK:

Nintex Workflow 2010 SDK.

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