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Workflow Hero

A form to enter metadata, upload document, send it to library

My scenario is pretty straightforward, but I have not found a solution to it yet. I am working in Office 365 / SharePoint Online, and I have Nintex Forms and Workflow for SPO.

I have a requirement to do the following -

  1. Have a user fill out a form which will end up being the metadata for the document
  2. Once the form has been filled out, the user will then be able to upload a document. This has to happen after the form is filled out because a number is automatically generated based on a selection in the form.
  3. After the form is filled out and the user has uploaded a document, they will click submit.
  4. The uploaded document needs to be uploaded to a document library, and the metadata needs to be added to the document, which is the data the user entered in the form.

As a quick summary, I need a user to enter the metadata before they upload a document, but I need the document to end up in a document library instead of a list. Is there a way to create a form that does this process, but saves the information into a document library? I know this is not possible in a document library because you have to upload a document before you can enter the metadata.

If you need some clarification or have any questions, let me know. I appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks.