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is it possible to connect two cascading dropdown l...

Hi all, hope you're doing well. I saw an application made in InfoPath where the creator managed to connect two cascading dropdown to interact t...

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error in inserting user to group

I have a list with people picker named as incident Risk incident contact and a group in sharepoint named as Risk contact. So now i want to update t...

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Difference between Start Workflow and Schedule sit...

Hi all, i am new to Nintex WF and still exploring my options. Can someone help me to underestand the diffrence between Difference between Start Wor...

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Nintex Workflow stopped sending confirmation email...

Nintex workflow failed to send a approval confirmation email to actioner, what could be the error? It has been happening for all the workflows.

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workflow canceled by System Account, DB not connec...

Hi all, Lately, whenever someone runs a workflow (eg. travel request, leave request..etc) they get a message saying workflow was canceled by Sy...

  • By FatmaQ
  • July 06, 2019  23:56
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Validation of control inside repeater on submit ba...

Hi Team, I have 2 panels in the form and based on drop down selection i am showing and hiding the panels. Drpo down values : Host Based ...

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SharePoint List to CSV, with Comma’s in field list...

So, I’ve searched and searched for an answer to how to export a list to a CSV file when one of the columns in SharePoint list has comma’s in it, ...

  • By drcoz
  • July 06, 2019  05:24
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After effects of Stop Inheriting Permissions?

Good afternoon, So about a month ago, one of the workflows stopped working on our site. I have been through countless troubleshooting steps and...

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Nintex Forms 2013 - Release Notes

Hi All, I am getting an issue with Flexi Task.I have selected all must approve for this Flexi Task which is being assigned to a Team. I expected it...

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Why is the Replace Function Producing a "+&qu...

When doing a userProfileLookup, it returns the user's phone number as 618XXXXXXX. How is it then, that the function below replaces "618" with "+(08)"...

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External List lookup - Scraping Data and returning...

I currently have a form set up where a manager can input their employee ID, it returns a list of their direct reports. The return list has a built...

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White Space & Panels

Spoiler (Highlight to read) I have a long form broken down into panels and each panel is either hidden or unhidden depending on the...

  • By sp215
  • July 04, 2019  07:32
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