Workflow that sends weekly Calendar events

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I am trying to create a workflow that would send an email to a list of recipients, which will contain calendar event items. The calendar is for "Vacation Days" so the only information I need to show is the names of the people on vacation for that week. the Workflow is supposed to run every Monday, and show events for the whole week. 


I have tried a for each loop to store the column information. This didnt work because of my time constraints. 

I have also tried "query List" but I am having trouble for the same reason as above.

Any suggestions would be fantastic.

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Re: Workflow that sends weekly Calendar events

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The start of the workflow would look like:


The Calculate Date action grabs todays date and adds 5 days and puts the output into a variable.


In the Query you can now specify the date range from Current date to the calculated date.


Once you have the names (and any other info such as date) in a collection variable you can then use the data how ever you like.