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Get choice values dynamiclly from list?

Is there any way to have a choice field on a Nintex form but let the choices for the field from another list?    No I do not want to use a lookup field because I detest SharePoint's implementation of that kind of field.   I want to actually store the value rather than some pointer.

What I have been able to do is to place a choice field in list mode on my form, add a dummy value or two to make Nintex designer happy.   Connect it to a text column in the SharePoint list.   I then use JavaScript to empty the listbox, then do a caml query of my lookup list and load the text values into the list.

It works great except for some reason things like calculated fields are not aware of the selected value. 

I would like to be able to load those choices dynamically by using the designer and no special behind the scenes JavaScript.

Is it possible to load dynamic choices without using a lookup field?

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