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Flexi task reminder failed to run (randomly)



we have a SP2013 farm with 3 WFE & 6 application servers. I've created a simple workflow with only one single flexi-task action. Addtionally the flexi-task has reminders assigned which runs every 5 minutes 5 times. The reminders are sent out but every now and then you can find a "...failed to run" error message in the workflow history log. I've already googled a lot and found that one possible solution could be to run $webapp.UpdateWorkflowConfigurationSettings() which we also already did. However, you can still find the error messages every now and then.

The other possibilities are not really preferred as they either ask to activate the web application service on all servers which run the timer service or to turn off the timer service on all application servers. This would either mean more licenses required for all WFE based tools or putting a higher load on the WFE's...


Is there anything else we could try out? It's quite annoying that reminders are causing this issue as in worst case the workflow cancels itself and sends the "no longer" required messages around...


Thanks in advance!


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