Flexi-Task sends reminders also after completition

Dear Community,


I have an issue where the Worfklow (Flexi-Tas) is sending reminders to the user, after the task has been completed. 


As a concrete example:

The Flexi-Task is configureted with a 10-Day reminder Cyclus. 

The system generates a new Task on 20.03.2019 and the user completes his Flexi-Task straight away (also 20.03.2019). As the Flexi-Tas was the last task of the Worfklow, also the WF is completed.

Nevertheless, the system sends out the reminder on 30.03.2019 to complete the Flexi-Task (that has already been completed 10 Days before). 


Any ideas how to fix this? I cannot identify any issues, and find it extremely weird that a "Completed" Workflow is still able to send out reminders.





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Re: Flexi-Task sends reminders also after completition

this shouldn't happen...


are you sure only one workflow/instance was strated on an item?

isn't the task action within state machine and you forgot to switch state or end SM within the task branch?

do you have multiple task assignees and individual tasks enabled? what's the task 'behavior' set to?

do you have approval link in notification? if so, does it open already responded task? can you maybe proofcheck task ID within approval link(s)?

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