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Errors only when running under ADFS "The workflow could not update the item" etc

We have recently moved from SP2007 (Windows authentication) to SP2013 (ADFS authentication). Workflows have all previously been checked with Regxes, LDAP queries and notification actions updated.


I am however having some issues with a subset of workflows that are intermittently failing on Set Field Value action ('The workflow could not update the item, possibly because one or more columns for the item require a different type of information') and the Start Workflow action ('Failed to start workflow. Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation').


I have attempted to substitute the Update Item and Update Multiple Item action for the Set Field action as suggested on another post with no luck. The fields being updated are either simple single line of text or drop down choice fields.


I have access to the SP2013 site via Windows authentication as well and the workflows run trouble free when initiated from there as opposed to using ADFS. Is there a permission or timeout setting missing somewhere? It seems odd that these steps will sometimes be successful and sometimes fail.


I don't have access to Central Admin but could pass ideas on to those that do. Many thanks in advance!

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