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Restart a Failed Workflow with the Original Data


This How To article will address information related to how you will restart your workflow with original data in the event that an instance fails after upgrading a Nintex for Office 365 workflow to Nintex Workflow Cloud. At the time of publishing for this article, Nintex Workflow Cloud does not support restarting directly from a failed workflow instance in the same manner you could do it in SharePoint. You will need to start a brand new instance from the existing SharePoint list or library item. See the configuration options below for more information.



To start a new workflow instance against an existing SharePoint list item using Nintex Workflow Cloud, you can configure the workflow's start event to use either SharePoint Online - Update list item or Nintex Form. The topics listed below will help you think about how to review errors for a failed instance and configure your workflow with these start event options in Nintex Workflow Cloud.


Workflow Failure Review

If one of your workflow instances has a failure, you can review the instance error messaging by opening the failed instance in the Instances manager as demonstrated in the following animation. Ensure that the root cause of the error is addressed, then manually start a new workflow instance from your list item.

Check Error Log Messages.gif


Update List Item Start Event

The following article will help you configure your workflow to start when a list item is updated by using the SharePoint - Update list item start event. 

Nintex Workflow Cloud - Start Manually Workflow Upgrade Workaround - Item Modified 



Nintex Form Start Event

The following article will help you configure your workflow with a Nintex Form start event to allow it to start a workflow instance manually using a Nintex Form.

Nintex Workflow Cloud - Start workflow manually with a Nintex form start event




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