Handling process instance exceptions - bypass specific exception

I'm not familiar with K2 exception rules configuration and K2 exception handling, I just need to know is there any way to suppress/bypass specific exceptions preventing running process instance from falling into error state and continue normally with the next event.


an example scenario:
I have some escalation rules sending a notification email for destination user in a client event for some reason this user does not have an email address assigned to his active directory account, in such case upon executing that escalation rule it fails to send the notification bringing down the entire process instance to error state.
I was thinking for a way to ignore/bypass this notification which is not that urgent from business perspective and continuing the running process normally.


any clues will be much appreciated

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Re: Handling process instance exceptions - bypass specific exception

Hello Ayman,


Yes, there is a way to ignore the exception. You can enable exception as shown below so that K2 will not handle the exception but you and as you are are not going to write any code it will get ignored. In the code you can handle the exception.


Also, try with other checkboxes. let me know checking off them also ignores the exception or not.


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