Important update for Nintex Sign® powered by Adobe Sign customers (FAQ)

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Several changes are coming to eSignature across Nintex, and we wanted to provide some answers to a few frequently asked questions to ensure that customers understand what's coming. If you still have questions, please reach out to our support team via your Customer Central Portal, or your account representative through



Q: What is happening to Nintex Sign powered by Adobe Sign?

Beginning on December 1, 2021, you will not be able to renew or purchase Nintex Sign powered by Adobe Sign. We value your business and are committed to making it easy to switch your service to Nintex AssureSign when the time is right for you.


As you will recall, in June 2021 Nintex announced that we had acquired eSignature pioneer AssureSign and over the past few months has been working diligently to provide our valuable customers with a native eSignature offering that seamlessly integrates with our next generation Nintex Workflow Cloud® platform and our industry-leading Nintex Drawloop DocGen® solution.


Q: What does the upcoming change to Nintex Sign mean for you?

As a current Nintex Sign customer, you will continue to have access to Nintex Sign through the terms of your subscription agreement.


To reduce confusion, we will re-label the prior eSign actions within the Nintex Workflow Designer and Nintex Drawloop DocGen to Adobe Sign on or before December 1, 2021. All actions and functionality will remain the same as you experience today.


Q: Will my Nintex Sign subscription automatically convert to Nintex AssureSign?

Starting December 1, 2021, you will need to select a new eSignature option when you renew. Customers who wish to continue with Adobe Sign can work directly with Adobe prior to their contract end date. We do, however, expect most customers will move to Nintex AssureSign.


For those interested in Nintex AssureSign, we encourage you to contact your Nintex Account Manager early for uninterrupted service and competitive, volume-based pricing options so we can quickly help move your templates. Nintex also offers advanced tooling to migrate templates from other providers.


Q: My current Nintex Sign subscription doesn’t renew until 2022 – will I lose access to my Nintex Sign/EchoSign portal?

No, customers will continue to have access to their Nintex Sign/EchoSign portal until the end of their existing subscription service period.


Q: I currently use Nintex Sign as a delivery option with Nintex Drawloop DocGen for Salesforce? Am I going to lose this option?

No, Adobe Sign will continue to be a delivery option for Nintex Drawloop DocGen. Starting in December 2021, we will add new Nintex AssureSign actions which provides additional functionality and an improved experience.


Q: Will there be a Nintex AssureSign delivery option for Nintex DocGen? 

Yes, Nintex AssureSign will be a new delivery option for Nintex DocGen customers.


Q: I am using Nintex Sign actions within my Nintex Workflow Cloud workflow, what will happen to these actions?

The Nintex Sign action within Nintex Workflow Cloud will be re-labeled Adobe Sign and will continue to run without interruption. Starting on or before December 1, 2021, Nintex AssureSign will be our primary eSignature option and there will be new Nintex AssureSign actions available within Nintex Workflow Cloud.


Q: What is Nintex AssureSign?

Nintex acquired eSignature pioneer AssureSign in June 2021. Our new Nintex AssureSign eSignature capability is a powerful, secure, and easy-to-use eSign tool that is designed to work well across industries and high-volume use cases. Nintex AssureSign meets security and privacy industry standards, provides custom-branding experiences, and is cost effective – all without overage penalties that you would incur with other providers.


Q: Should I switch to Nintex AssureSign?

Starting December 1, 2021, you will need to select a new eSignature option at the time of your renewal. We expect most customers will move to Nintex AssureSign.


Q: What will I pay for Nintex AssureSign if I switch?

Nintex AssureSign offers extremely competitive pricing and volume-based discounts – all without overage penalties that you would incur with other providers. To learn more about Nintex AssureSign and our special promotional pricing, contact your Nintex Account Manager. We can help quickly move your templates, and we also have advanced tooling to migrate templates from other providers to allow you to take advantage of our volume-based pricing.


Q: Why should I consider switching to Nintex AssureSign?

Below are just some of the reasons organizations are switching to Nintex AssureSign for their eSignature needs.


  • Fastest way to get documents signed

Dynamically prepare and send contracts, order forms, and agreements for eSignature. Over 90% of Nintex AssureSign documents are signed and returned within 24 hours, and most within two hours.


  • Transparent pricing with no overage penalties

Don’t pay too much for eSignature. With Nintex AssureSign, we offer industry-leading pricing and volume discounts for most eSignature use cases.


  • Robust compliance & security

Nintex AssureSign meets security and privacy industry standards with 256-bit encryption, digital audit trails, and ISO 27001 certified data centers.


  • Build dynamic documents within Salesforce

We allow users to create, send, sign, track and manage their dynamically generated business-critical documents without ever leaving Salesforce.


  • Industry-leading SMS capability

Nintex AssureSign’s eSign via Text uses proprietary and secure technology to deliver digital documents to signers on-the-go. 95% of SMS messages are read by recipients in under three minutes—that’s 5x faster than average email response times.


  • Custom Branding & eSignature experience

With Nintex AssureSign, eSign administrators can manage the entire signing process, send their own communications, and configure the signing process to match the desired customer experience and company branding.


  • Powerful APIs & integrations

We allow any organization to integrate Nintex AssureSign into existing business systems and processes with ease.


  • Easy to Switch from other eSignature providers

Migrate your eSignature templates directly to AssureSign with a simple converter tool and help from our Customer Success team.