RPA Central 2.0 coming in December 2020 (continued)

  • 1 December 2020
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RPA Central v2.0 will be available in the next few weeks.  This version will also need an upgrade of all your Nintex Bots to v17.0.  Nintex Bot v17.0 will be available at the same time as RPA Central 2.0.  You can upgrade your user bots or virtual machines through the User Management page on RPA Central.  You can also upgrade your bot on the same machine that RPA Central is on from the Bots page.  The RPA Central interface will also provide an alert as a form of a reminder to update any remaining bot not on v17. 


We encourage you to allocate a service maintenance time to upgrade RPA Central to v2.0 and all the bots to v17.0. Let the existing in-flight jobs to complete, cancel scheduled jobs in the maintenance window and then upgrade RPA Central and all Bots.  For the botflows that were scheduled for that period, you can alternatively run them after or wait for the next scheduled run.

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