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When creating or changing a scheduled botflow, the user finds that their changes were not saved.

Especially if a co-worker can create or change schedules, it could be a caching issue.


- Check to see that user is an Administrator in RPA Central.

- Make sure that RPA Central is only installed on one machine and the user is navigating to RPAC via URL in browser.

- Make sure when logged into RPA Central, that your user name or full name is listed at the top right of the screen and that it does not show as "The User." If The User is showing, please see article at the bottom of this page.

If all of the above is correct, there are two options:
1. Have user clear cache and test making a change.

2. If user doesn't want to clear cache, open an incognito window and navigate to RPA Central with the URL. If it opens correctly and user can change a schedule, then the browser may have cached an old version of the product. Clearing cache is the next step.

Additional Information

If clearing the cache does not help, please reach out to Support@nintex.com and let them know the version of RPAC you are running, what symptoms you are having and that you went through the steps of this article and they did not resolve issue.

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