Quick Tip: Selecting & deselecting all content/information in a window

  • 11 November 2020
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Sometimes, when creating wizards in Kryon RPA, the easiest (i.e. the "quickest" or most "straight forward") way to get at data on the screen is to use the "CTRL+A" keyboard shortcut.

For example, when in Internet Explorer or Chrome: You can use "CTRL+A" to select the entire screen data and then use "CTRL+C" to copy this data to the clipboard. Using the clipboard Advanced Commands in Kryon Studio, you can then access and make use of this data.

However, the data remains selected on the screen, which may cause issues. What to do? Instead of using a mouse-click, forcing a refresh or something along those lines you can try the keyboard shortcut "CTRL+Shift+Home". This works to effectively "deselect all" (as opposed to "CTRL+A") in many applications.

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