PSA: "Wait for web page to download" option and when to change the default value/setting

  • 7 September 2020
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This is just a quick Kryon RPA PSA (Public Service Announcement) concerning this option:


When working in Kryon RPA (using Kryon Studio), you may have spotted this configuration option/parameter. It's one of the "window settings" of a step and relevant when you are automating web-applications (i.e. when working on a web-page). The default value for this option is "Automatically". This default setting works for probably 99% of cases/pages.


But now you may be wondering: When to set a different value for this option? The Kryon Studio guide/documentation states that "Utilising this option can prevent wizard failure in case of slow systems or network/internet connections." So to explain: Sometimes the web-page may be "there" (visible with the correct URL and window-caption), but the content of the page is still loading. In such cases, it is advisable to set this option to (the value) "Always". This setting will introduce a very slight delay. However, it enables you to deal with web-pages that are slow to load (as mentioned above) and does not require you to implement a static pause (which we always advise against).


So use this option if you encounter such an issue and you will be able to circumvent the problem, accordingly.

1 reply

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I have question for this optional, i set value to ‘Always’ and tried to debugging. The page still loading but robot passed to next step like below photo.

I would like to know true mechanism of this one as i know, it used for slowly internet or webpage loading incomplete correct ?