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We’re starting to experiment a bit with launching wizards via the API, and I’m trying to figure out why applications are not automatically starting when the wizard is launched. Within Nintex Admin I have the application setup to launch the application if it’s not found. When I manually launch the wizard from the  bot’s wizard catalog, the applications open automatically and the wizard completes successfully. However, if I run the wizard via the API, the applications don’t open automatically and the wizard fails. 


Are the launch options for an application only respected for attended operations?


Thank you!


Best answer by Sasan 29 May 2023, 16:44

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@bsikes would you please submit a support case thru customer central or with you wizard's definitions so that we can troubleshoot.  Thanks

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Thanks for the response @Sasan 


I assume that means that the behavior I described shouldn’t be expected? I’ll go ahead and open a case with support.


Thank you