Help creating a cron expression

  • 23 October 2023
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I am playing about with custom time triggers, and I have read the "A Guide to Cron Expressions” webpage linked in both the console and nintex help pages. I have created a cron expression, but I keep getting nothing in the schedule... any tips on where I have gone wrong? I want the bot to run every 15 minutes between 2am to 4am every day.. pics of expression and then empty schedule below...
When I use a cron expression editor to double check it says I am using special characters that may not be recognised by everything, but I thought I had followed the linked guide - it’s not working though..

Any help would be appreciated!



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3 replies

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Hi @Lauren_R,

If I got your need right, try to use that: 0/15 2-4 ? * * *


Let me know if it helps.

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Hey Lauren

How are you?

I found this online:

0 15-0 2-4 ? * * *

Have a nice day



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Thanks so much @Eli_Shteinberg and @gobitz ! I really appreciate the quick response :) 


Using the freeformatter this expression seems to do the trick for my requirements: 0 0/15 2-3 ? * * *

so a combination of both answers!


Using that expression gives me the following schedule which is exactly what I wanted (bearing in mind I have this set to PST and I am viewing the console in AEDT time which is why schedule is showing 8pm my time not 2am pacific).