Can I use viber like the other desktop applications?

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I want to use Viber as we are using the other desktop applications, like record it and use some UI tools and etc. For that studio told me to define Viber as an application. I did, but still Kryon studio didn't let me use it saying that Viber is not defined in the application list.

I am guessing that I need to remove viber from urls and add it as a process.

I'd be glad if you could help me to solve this issue.

25635iB3840BF169794004.jpg25636i204363FFB055239A.jpgThanks for your time and consideration,

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Hi, yes if Viber is a desktop application you must use the process name as the identification criteria in the application list. URLs are only used for web-based applications running in a web browser. Once you have added the application don’t forget to close and reload Studio to apply the changes.




Hi, thank you for your response. I tried, but it failed. Can you please add it?


Hi, could you let me know which email you use to log in to Studio and I will see if I can add it from my end?

Here it is

Thanks. I've taken a look and the reason your recording didn't work was because you defined Viber a web app, but in fact it is a desktop app. I've made some changes on my side, can you try again and see if it works now? Thanks, Darren

It works, thank you so much.

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Hi guys

I’m having a similar issue right now.

@netprofit_virtu and @Darren2 please help me out.


Thank you