Conditional Process - Link Back

  • 8 July 2022
  • 4 replies



I couldn't see this in the Community but it must have been answered already somewhere.


How can I reconnect a conditional process/decision to a certain stage in the process being worked on AFTER it has been completed?


4 replies

Hey @dominic-west - you can add a conditional process link to the "Van Delivery" process below Activity 7.0 in your editor. Then toggle to the dependencies tab and allocate the conditional process as an input.







Thanks. Although the Van Deliveries process an also relate to other processes not linked to this one. How would I conditionally link van deliveries back to activity 7?

So I have managed to do it, but looking at the map it doesn't link in the way I was hoping?


Perhaps this is a variation?

Also, I need to link an additional previous linked process to step 7 as well but I get this error.


What I am trying to achieve some decisions cut out certain steps.