Blurry images

  • 11 January 2024
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I have a user who has attached images to their process and when viewing them in the process, they render blurry. The original image is not blurry and it is large enough. Has anyone encountered this issue and is here a solution or explanation? 

5 replies

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Good day, @staciakato  - 

Is the blurry image issue only happening for that user, or is it anyone in your organization looking at their process?



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G’day Nintex Sam! I am seeing the blurry image. I encouraged them to capture the image the largest possible, saving and uploading, which usually works for me. But indeed, the image rendered a bit blurry. 

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Have you tried the usual browser cache clearing and such? Just trying to knock out the simple troubleshooting stuff before I suggest reaching out to Support for deeper assistance.

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I’ll ask the user to attempt that and see if it improves. 


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yeah, second that. Sounds like a browser cache issue. A quick sanity check is to right click on the image and copy the url of the image and paste it into the incognito window..

If this isn’t the issue, check to see if IT are using a caching device on the network for web traffic, failing that please let us know, via to investigate the issue with the engineering teams.