Auditing 'administrative' processes

  • 18 March 2024
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Hello community,

Last year I performed an audit in my organisation to all ‘manual handling’ processes. The company I work for produces food, so the majority of our processes involve a physical aspect.

This year I’m planning on conducting another audit but this time, I’ve been asked to include administrative processes, too. This is, ‘Manage account payables’, ‘Raise a purchase order’, ‘Prepare export documentation’, etc.

My first thought is that this task might result impractical for a Promaster to undertake because it could be seen as ‘invasive’? I’m thinking that it would be more viable if this particular type of audits, was conducted by another team member within the department where the process pertains to, i.e. peer-to-peer review. 

However, this view might be due to my lack of experience in this space so I would be glad to learn from your experiences about this type of audits, please?



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