How Ignore Certificate Errors in Call API Methods?

  • 26 April 2021
  • 3 replies

Hi, I need to call a API Method in Intranet without a valide certificate on the server.


I receive the error: Failed to execute REST API advanced command,


Is there anyway to do this in Kryon? How ignore the certificate validation and bypass?




3 replies

Hi Edy,


when you use Kryon AC to do some API calls it executes your API call only.


In this scenario, if you have some restrictions with regards to certificates you need to make sure if your API call works at all.

So, I would suggest testing your API call from Postman or from any other tool and make sure that it works and importantly if it is at all possible to ignore the certificate requirements to the page you send the API call. If it is possible to ignore, then provide please a bit more details of your code/API, the page that you work with, etc, so I can help here better.

Thank you for sharing @Artur Martirosyan​!  

On Postman works with the option SSL certification verification OFF (default).

On Kryon Studio I not found this option.