Passing nintex form variable to workflow

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I have a list in SharePoint 2016. I want users to enter some information - in drop down controls. When the user clicks on save, I want a workflow to run. Workflow shall perform some logic. I want to know how to pass form values (selection made by user in drop down) to the workflow.





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@guru2000 have you tried connecting your DD control to a SharePoint column and use that column info in the workflow?

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I want to use the workflow to perform the logic. But the workflow will only fire when the new item gets created i.e when the user clicks on the Save button. But I want the logic to fire before the user clicks on the save button. In other words, I want the date field to get populated right after the user makes a selection from the drop down box.

Do you have any ideas on how I can accomplish that. Thanks.
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@guru2000 …You do know that the Nintex Workflow will only trigger when an item is created or only when an item is modified. If the item doesn't exists then how the WF instance will run on an item? 


Is it possible to create an item first without the date field and you modify the item to populate the date and then your WF will kicks in? Trigger on conditional start on item modified.