How to reference an task created by workflow

  • 17 August 2023
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I am creating a task assigning it to our IT group so that anyone in that group can complete the task.  I have to send the notification to our Helpdesk application via Email.  

I created a parallel action.  One branch creates the task, the other branch waits for a minute and then sends the notification to the Helpdesk.  

In the notification, I would like to reference the task created.  How do I get the value of the task created?  The “Store Task Id” in variable isn’t populated until the task has been completed.  How else can we get the value of the task ID?


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3 replies

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Hi @rei_dipetersen,

To obtain the Task ID, you need to query the task list and search for the recently created task. To quickly locate the task just created, you can create a unique task name by appending the date and time to the name.

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I ended up creating a parallel execution branch.  I created a task in one branch and in the other, I waited a minute and then queried the task list for the task that I created in the other branch.  To me, this is a hack.  The create task action should return a task ID so we can send notifications (outside the control) or so we can add meta-data to the task form. 

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Can you use “Create Item” and point it to a Task list?