Flexi task sending duplicate emails to Cc group

  • 18 March 2021
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Good morning.

I inherited a WF recently that has many different levels of manager, department or group approvals. For example, a flexi task is assigned to a group with several approvers. There are other groups Cc'd on the task. So depending on the number of approvers assigned the task, that is the number of notification emails that each member of the Cc group will receive. This occurs regardless if the 'Create individual tasks for all group members' is selected or not.

Is there something I'm missing? Or, should I remove the Cc groups from the Flexi task and create a 'Send Notification' step and add the Cc group there?

Thank you - obrijo

2 replies

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Check for the Send individually addressed notifications setting on your notifications, (right below the Assignee/To box).  If it is checked it will send every user a separate email, so the task assignees will get one for each CC.


What I am seeing is the inverse: each member of the Cc group receives a copy/notification of the task assignment for each flexi task assignee. So if I have 3 approvers, then each member of the Cc group receives a Cc email notification for each approver, regardless if the following box is checked or not.




It's strange that the flexi task email notification does not behave the same as the general email notification. I am still leaning towards removing all Cc groups from the flexi task step and creating an additional email step to notify them separately.


Thanks for your time. - obrijo