Autopopulate people picker when form is in Edit mode?

  • 23 April 2021
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My form has multiple stages. Brief description is as follows:


1. Requestor fills form and submits to Approver

2. Approver sees previous information from Requestor, then fills in more fields that was previously unavailable to the Requestor


In the Approver section, I included a People Picker control, titled Name of Approver, to default to the Current User. It seems that the field will not default while in Edit mode. I tried to change the SharePoint column to a single line text field to try a Set Value rule and that did not work either. A second solution I tried was to make the People Picker into a Calculated Value with Formula set to Current User that recalculates on Edit mode. This fills out the Calculated Field correctly. However, when the Approver attempts to submit, there is an error:


"Please address the following:

  • Invalid text value. A text field contains invalid data. Please check the value and try again."

Does anyone have a solution to this issue? This thread describes the issue -


I need to use a Responsive layout and can not use a New Responsive for this solution.


Thank you

3 replies

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@meridianline are there any field on the form which might be having more than 256 characters? It might not be related to your calculated control.


Also, for the approver's name, instead of people picker, I'll go with calculated control to get the name of the current user, calculate the formula in edit mode, data type as a string and connect that to a single-line text column in SharePoint.

@kunalpatel thanks for the suggestion. Quick question for you. In my form, I have hidden panels, each pertaining to a certain group. So after the requestor fills out their portion, it will route to another group for them to review. At this point, the panel becomes available to them. This new panel is where I want to automatically capture that user's name in the calculated value field. 


Is there a way to have the calculated value field capture the display name of the user once it reaches the new stage/panel? For instance, I have a 'Pending' column. Once the column changes value to 'Approver', that panel becomes available to the Approvers. 

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@meridianline if I were you then I'll create different SharePoint groups and use the below function as a rule to hide/display the panel:


fn-IsMemberOfGroup("[YOUR GROUP NAME]")


Your logic based on Pending column value won't work. What if the column changes the value to Approver and someone who is not the approver tries to open/edit the form? Anyone with access to the item will be able to see the form. With my rule, if the current user is in the group then that panel will be visible else it will be hidden.