Auto Number or Sequential Numbering for Forms

  • 26 January 2023
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I am new to Nintex.  I have been able to do basic things on my current form.  

My only issue is I am attempting to set up “auto numbering or sequential numbering” for my form.  I have used other resources on here before posting this question and have no success.


Essentailly what i am looking to create would on the form is an ID that looks like the following: “AA2023-000#” with each form going up in numerical/sequential order i.e. AA2023-0001, AA2023-0002, AA2023-0003.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

2 replies

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I do something similar to this all the time in a workflow utilizing the ID field from the list or library. A sequential, unique ID is generated in the list or library for each item created.

Here is one way to accomplish this via workflow:

1, Configure a workflow on the list or library (possibly configured to start when an item is created).
2. Add and configure a “Build string” action at the beginning of the workflow.

  • Text = AA2023-{ItemProperty:ID}
    →   The “AA2023-” text is entered as your static prefix.
    →  {ItemProperty:ID} is added from the Item Properties tab via the Insert Reference button.
  • Store result in = txtRequestId (text variable named whatever you want)

3. Add and configure an “Update item” action to update the item with the variable.

  • Update = Current item
  • Field = Request ID (or whatever your list column is named)
  • Request ID Equals Workflow Data txtRequestID

4.. This will update the list column with a custom, unique Request ID for each item created (AA2023-1, AA2023-2, etc,).


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@bamaeric Thank you for your help!  It is much appreciated!  Sorry delay in my follow up as I just now got back to working on the form.