Added attachments to save in shared folder

Is it possible to get added attachments to save to a shared drive under a unique file name for each submission/anything similar? If so please could I have some guidance

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Hi @Cerys,

Within SharePoint, it's not possible to save different documents with the same name in the same location. You have to separate them within folders or :


You can use Document Set to group all attachments with common metadata.

You can implement some code to compress all attachments to one file.

You can use storage solutions that support it such as Google Drive but not SharePoint.

You can name your documents with the same name but with an index suffix like Document (1) then Document (2) etc..


Let me know if it helps. ^^


Hi, thank you for the advice, would you be able to give me some guidance on how to do this?
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Hi @Cerys,

Just to be more precise on the scenario, from a SharePoint list form, you upload multiples attachments and the workflow save all attachments documents in a Document Set of a Document Library. 

Is this scenario sounds good for you ? 


Yes this is what i'm looking for, the attatchments are uploaded in the form and at the moment there is nothing in my workflow that saves them anywhere.