Setting date field based when a different field value is selected

  • 15 December 2022
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I’m having some difficulties with setting a date field to the current date when another control is changed.


User modifies form and selects “Approved” for form status, the date field should then populate with current date.

I am able to achieve getting the current date value, however, if the form is modified again the date field updates.

I am currently using a rule to cause this date field to update:


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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4 replies

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Hi @Jamreed 

How is the Form Rules Settings?


If your Form Rules is “… when the foam loads...”
The rules you set “IF Status button equals Approved”, then that rule will always Trigger.
[9.30am] User A open form, doesn’t update anything but clicks “Submit” to close form - the rule trigger and updates those 3 values.
[10.00am ] User B open form, doesn’t update anything but clicks “Submit” to close form - the rule trigger and updates those 3 values.


Add another Flag “AllowApproveUpdate”. Set value to “YES”.
IF. and “AllowApproveUpdate” = “YES” 
THEN. “AllowApproveUpdate” VALUE = “NO”


Status Button == “” -blank- 
“AllowApproveUpdate” = “YES” 

Status Button == “YES” 
“AllowApproveUpdate” = “NO”

Other changes to the form should not update those 3 values


Hope that helps


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Thanks for the reply!

I can confirm, my rules setting is run change when form loads - I’ve implemented the changes but it appears that on existing forms in the SP list, the approval date field is still updating.

I’ve submitted a test form but won’t be able to validate if the date stays the same until tomorrow I suppose.

The rules implemented as described above should prevent the date changing for existing forms, correct? 

Updated Rule:


Screenshot of Pre-existing form:

I can see that the “AllowApproveUpdate” did update to No but the approved date is reflecting 12/15 however in the workflow history we can see that it was actually approved on 12/14.


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Hi @Jamreed 


Is there another item (from Form) or action (from Workflow) which updates the date?

Is (the Date) which you see in the Form and in the SP column, the same value?

Why don’t you check the SP List Item version history to see when the DATE value was updated. Perhaps it will provide a clue to when and what is updating the value.


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I checked the sample form that I submitted yesterday, the approval date did not update. I appreciate your assistance on the matter.