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  • 15 November 2023
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The Save button seems to submit the form on my SharePoint list and triggers the submit flow. How do I let the user save the form but not have it initiate the submit power automate workflow. I have attached pictures of the options I have available in the Nintex form under the save and submit action panel.


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8 replies

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Hi @Computergirl208 

  1. Workflows are usually triggered when a new list item is created.
    So, when you click Submit, the form data is saved into a newly created list item.
    This newly created item will trigger the workflow to start.
  2. When you enable the SAVE feature, you will need to add additional conditions prior to triggering the workflow. Otherwise the workflow will start after you click SAVE.
    The Save button will actually save the form data to the SP List (creating a new item is required or just updating the item)
  3. Just connect the Action Panel to a SP text column “FormStatus”.
  4. In the Publish dialog box, Add the condition “FormStatus” equals “Submit”.
    When the “FormStatus == Save”, the workflow should not trigger
    When the “FormStatus == Submit”, then the workflow shall trigger.
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Make sense thanks. What condition should I add? I pretty new to this. The action panel isnt connected to a SharePoint list column. If I did connect it to a column, with the column update base on if the end user selects save vs submit so I could use that as the condition for the flow

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The column shall be updated to the text which you send in the Action Panel settings.
In the image above, you used the values Submit and Save

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Thank you :) It worked😃

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Ok. Maybe it didn’t work. The flow is still triggering the submitted flow instead of the saved flow. I can’t figure out what I am doing incorrectly.

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Unable to view 1st and 2nd image.

Can you share the workflow start trigger from the Publish dialog box?

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Here you go. The saved start trigger is when a new item is created and the submit start trigger is when a item is created or modified

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Pls note that this is a Nintex product forum.


You only need a single condition for the workflow to trigger and run

When an Item is created or modified
 - FormStatus is equal  to “Submit”