O365 New Responsive Form Designer - Task Form Rule to Upload signature to RelatedList

  • 29 October 2019
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I'm trying to copy back to the calling list from a Task Form a signature. So on the Task Form I have a signature panel that grabs the signature of the user and sets the workflow status to approved. I'd like to copy the signature attachment back to the list the workflow is attached to. I'm using the new responsive form designer and I saw a rule option called RelatedForm_FileUpload that I thought might work but it didn't do anything. Is there a way to grab the signature files, copy them back to the list from the Workflow Task List. Better yet if I use the signature control in the original list will it pickup the signature from the task form upload if I name the signature control the same? Nothing fancy with Adobe or Docusign just using the built in Signature Control.



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When a form is submitted with a signature the file is stored as an attachment. As this is the case the file can only be attached to the item the form is connected to and not on an item in another list.

There is also a current limitation where files added to an item via a workflow or other means that do not involve the New Responsive Form will not show up on the form which means moving the signature from the Task to the item will not work.

Hmm, ok what about connecting the Task Form as a link back to the original list item so that someone can verify that the signature was captured? Skip the file copy and just link the lists together.

Ok found a great way to do this:


However I get a wierd side effect since I have to use a Rich Txt Box to display it (no support for hyperlink fields in New Response Designer, yet). It truncates the url up to /sites/lists/ec... Basically cutting off the first part of the URL and failing when it opens. If I manually massage it and put the truncated part back in it works fine... Nintex or something wierd with Rich Txt Box based columns in SharePoint online?