Nintex Forms - Four levels cascading dropdowns

  • 12 February 2024
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I have the following scenario: 
I have four lookup fields from a Nintex form. "System", "Area", "Function" and "Data Set". These fields lookup the SharePoint list "Master Data" with the same field names.

I want to ensure a multi-level cascading in my form so that only the relevant "Areas", "Functions" and Data Sets are available for selection depending on all previously selected Dropdown values.

Master Data List

Please note:
- not every "System" contains all "Areas"
- A "function" can only be present in one "area" but in different "systems"
- A "dataset" can be assigned to several "functions" but only for certain "systems"

- if I select "System" P02, I only want to see "Controlling" and "Finance" in the "Area" field
- Then, if I select Controlling, I should only see "Corporate Controller" in the Function field
- And finally only Dataset 1

Unfortunately, the Nintex default setting of the lookup values does not help me any further, as I can only select a single lookup condition.

Do you have any idea how I can overcome this challenge with Nintex Forms?

Thanks in advance


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2 replies

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It’s frustrating that Nintex does not address this issue of multi-filtered lookup fields. There are dozens of these types of posts in the community. None of them seem to fit my need for the New Responsive Design forms for Sharepoint lists.

I too have this question. Following this post in hopes for a posted solution. @Amine255, not trying to highjack your post. It looks like if there is a solution for yours, it will likely apply to mine. 

Mine is similar. Division, Unit Supervisor (person), Division Chief (person). I have no problem filtering the second two fields based on the Division selection. But it displays the same names for both of the last two fields because I can’t filter based off that person’s role as well, due the lack of a second condition.  

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Whats about the other forms designers, is that possible?