List Look up dropdown selections from Nintex form show as text boxes on Assign a task form

  • 18 May 2023
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List Look up dropdown selections from Nintex form show as text boxes on Assign a task form.  If I add a list look up again on the task form it does not carry show what the person selected on the original nintex form even though it is connected to the same column in list.  The dropdowns go back to ‘Please select’.  How do I get them to point to the value in the dropdown that is saved to the list?

Start Form:

Task Form:



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6 replies

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Hi @dperani 

If you just want to display the value, one workaround is to use a Text Short control which is connected to the SP column

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It appears that you have exported your list form and used it as a task form.  This has in some way broken the link for the lookup control.  If you use a default task form do you see the same issue?

If you remove the lookup control on your form and re-add it from the tool box does that resolve the issue?

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Hi @Garrett @SimonMuntz ,

The client wants the approver to be able to modify the form if they see something incorrect so I cannot display the value like we usually do.  Also, the start form saves the field to a Single Line Text Column.  Should I be connect the dropdown to a different column type for it to work?

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Hi @dperani 


To get this to work I think it is important to understand how lookup data is stored in Nintex forms, The value returned to the SP column is not always the required value of the lookup its self as this is stored in NFFormData as XML. 


You can see this by adding in a calculated field pointing at the lookup.



But then if I add in the value stored in the list you can see it is not the same.



Typically the standard is [item ID];#[Value]


it is done this way to allow for items of the same name to be looked up regardless of the value as the ID combined with the value should always be a unique lookup.


This is an issue however as there is no simple way to pass this lookup value to the task item, just passing ‘United Kingdom’ would not work as this is not a valid lookup value passing 187;#United Kingdom should work but doing so is not possible with the standard Sharepoint lookup column.


To make this work we need to use a normal text field to store the lookup value just as the ID (187) and attach the Lookup control on the Nintex form to that field, see below the steps.


Create a single line text field for storing the value.



In the forms designer add a Lookup control to the canvas (don’t use the list lookup column control where it was created in the list settings, use the plain ‘list lookup’ control)


In the settings configure it to store the value in the text field and use ID:


Now when we save this item we see that it will return the ID of the item to the text field. 


So now from the task list I can use this same structure in reverse.



Now when i assign as task the lookup is filled.




Hope this helps

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Hi @dperani 
Have you solved your question? 

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Thanks @Jake!  That is exactly what I was looking for!!